Yves Theiler Trio

"With my Yves Theiler Trio, I’ve been active for a long time in a project that is regarded as the supreme discipline among jazz pianists: the trio. Several years ago, when I was still a student, I discovered that this is also one of the most interesting experimental platforms for a composer and arranger in the field of jazz. It was precisely because there are so many trios and because this Format has such a long tradition that I decided – in my positive-thinking, artistic madness – that the world should be given yet another trio! My trio came about initially as a session band on the Zurich Music student scene, comprising our current drummer, our early bass player and me. So it’s a band that is firmly anchored in the Zurich music-scene and that emerged out of it to move into the wider world. We started it as a free Improvisation group, but soon we had a hankering for concrete compositions of our own. And so I automatically acquired a leading role and took on the musical direction of the trio as its composer and arranger" (Yves Theiler). Yves Theiler Trio