Swiss-Mongolian Music Exchange Project feat. Arga Bileg Ethno Jazz Band and Heiri Känzig Quintet


Agula Part I; Agula part II; Happy May; Oguulel (Narration); Dusty Pampa Ride; Tosoolul (Imagination) Part I; Tosoolul (Imagination) Part II; Beyond The Times; Air Train; Night Breeze; Friends.


"Agula, a Swiss-Mongolian music project Agula is truly a joint musical collaboration between Mongolian and Swiss musicians, coming together and contributing equally from both sides. This album is dedicated to our half-century of diplomatic relations – relations that we have celebrated through cross-cultural exchange and understanding. I have devoted my new composition Agula to this partnership. I wanted to express the intellectual and the artistic similarities shared by Mongolia and Switzerland, but also their differences. Both countries share a similar geographical feature, namely high mountains – the Altai Mountains and the Alps – and they draw their artistic inspiration from these natural features. On the other hand, we are different in many ways. Nevertheless, we were still able to establish a strong friendship. My admiration for this bond can be heard in the music of “Friends” and “Air Train” (Purevsukh Tyeliman, Mongolia).


Purevsukh Tyeliman; Heiri Känzig;


Arga Bileg Ethno Jazz Band: Purevsukh Tyeliman, piano/composer; Gantulga Ganbat, percussion/band leader; Odkhuu Myangan, percussion; Batzaya Kladhuu, Jingjiddorj Nanzaddorj, horse-head fiddle (morin khuur); Munkhtogtokh Ochirkhuyag, zither (yatga); Davaazorig Altangerel, throat singing (khommii) and horse-head fiddle (morin khuur); Heiri Känzig Quintet: Heiri Känzig, double bass/artistic director; Matthieu Michel, trumpet/flugelhorn; Patricia Draeger, accordeon; Karin Streule, voice; Kaspar Rast, drums/percussion.

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