Albert Moeschinger



Albert Moeschinger, born in 1897 in Basel, is a composer whose work makes comparisons difficult. His music has no real kinship with that written by his historical prototypes or with the more recent developments on the international music scene. Moeschinger is indeed, as he himself enjoyed pointing out, a lone wolf, and a composer who has always gone his own way. For a proper appreciation of Moeschinger’s achievement as a composer one must bear in mind that he belongs to the generation of Arthur Honegger, Frank Martin, Wladimir Vogel, Conrad Beck and Willy Burkhard. He has, however, outlived some of these, especially Honegger and Burkhard, by more than twenty years. This has on the one hand given him the advantage of time for further development, but has on the other hand obliged him to come to terms with the changes in our musical environment. In comparison with other composers of his generation, in particular those outside German-speaking Switzerland, Moeschinger has the merit of not having settled for easy adaptability to the shifting trends of fashion. Development, change, progress have not caused him to fall in line with other composers but rather enabled him to become ever more unconditionally himself.


Albert Moeschinger (1897-1985)


F. Lang (Tenor), N. Tüller (Bariton), A. Oppel (Sprecher), R. Jucker (Violoncello), R. Mäser, Ch. Dobler (Klavier), I. Roth (Saxophon), Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Radio-Sinfonieorchester Basel, Ensemble AD HOC Bern, F. Travis, R. Tschupp, D. Glaus (Leitung).

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