Alfons Karl Zwicker

Der Tod und das Mädchen - Oper in sechs Szenen


Der Tod und das Mädchen - CD 1 Szene 1: Trauma und Traum des Ehepaars; Szene 2: Die Stimme als Indiz; Szene 3: Vergangenheit wird zur Gegenwart: irreparabel; Szene 4: Katharsis: Paulinas Prozess. CD 2 Szene 5: Gerardo verliert die Fassung; Szene 6: Das Geständnis


While zapping at the TV, I came by chance on the actress Sigourney Weaver. After ten minutes of being transfixed to the screen, I knew that this was a topic for an opera. I saw the name of the author of the film script in the closing credits - Ariel Dorfman. That was in the summer of 2000. From this day onwards, I was obsessed by the vision of an opera on Death and the Maiden. I was able to get my friend Daniel Fuchs to agree to write the libretto. Nevertheless, it would still take a long time before the time was ripe for this opera. Only four-and-a-half years later, thaks to the tireless efforts of Annette Jahns and a constructive collaboration with the European Centre for the Arts in Hellerau/Dresden and the MDR Symphony Orchestra, was it possible to give the first performance of the work. It took place on 2 December 2010 in the Festspielhaus in Hellerau/Dresden under the baton of Florian Ludwig, and included the extended, multi-choral seventh scene. Just nine months after this Dresden première, the Swiss première was given of the opera Death and the Maiden at the St Gall Theatre on 17 September 2011.' (Alfons Karl Zwicker)


Alfons Karl Zwicker (*1952)


Frances Pappas, Mezzosopran, Andreas Scheibner, Bariton, Hans-Jürgen Schöpflin, Tenor, Chor des Theaters St. Gallen (Choreinstudierung: Michael Vogel), Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen, Jonathan Stockhammer, musikalische Leitung.

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