Alfons Karl Zwicker



Oper nach Texten von Maurice Maeterlinck, Arthur Rimbaud, Friedrich Hölderlin und Platon. Auftragswerk der Wiener Staatsoper


The music of Alfons Karl Zwicker is characterized by a fascinating overlapping of genres. Until 1980, this pianist and composer from Saint Gall had devoted himself intensively to painting. In the course of his work, an increasing tendency to abstraction became apparent in his visual language, as well as an increasing use of musical elements such as rhythm and sound fields. These musical aspects imposed themselves on the artist to such an extent that he finally had to notate them as music itself. Thus from his pictorial "compositions" arose "sounding" scores whose music in turn displays certain pictorial qualities: a tendency to paint pictures in sound; virtuosic, gestural brush strokes; lush, colourful orchestration: and a figurative mode of expression that is straightforwardly comprehensible. This "pictorial" background to Zwicker's music becomes particularly clear in his large-scale, five-part orchestral cycle Vom Klang der Bilder (Of the Sound of Pictures), which lasts seventy-five minutes in total. Here, the composer has quite literally taken pictures as his inspiration.


Alfons Karl Zwicker (*1952)


Bohuslav Martinu° Philharmonie Zlín, Peter Waters (Klavier), Monica Buckland Hofstetter (Leitung).

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