Ein Querschnitt durch das Festival '09


Marcel Oetiker Trio: Aufbruch; classXXX: Dream 71; Schirmer/Zehnder: Ab is Zäuerli; Schirmer/Zehnder: Tangomaloja; Sweet Alps: Ferma l'ali; Corin Curschellas & The Recyclers: La pura; Max Lässer und das Überlandorchester: Wygarte Jödeler; Roberto e Dimitri: Canti popolari nel Ticino; Alpentöne Blasorchester: Fitzcarraldo; Gabriele Mirabassi: Valschmana; Laurence Revey: God Save the Peace; Quadrat.sch: Latschen; Vasko Atanasovski Visions Ensemble: Hot Morning


The sounds of the mountains are a source of inspiration to many musicians – sometimes because they lead them back to their own roots, and sometimes because the mountain world is a place of yearning when regarded from the urban life of today’s artists. The international music festival ‘Alpentöne’ (‘Sounds of the Alps’) has every two years since 1999 offered musicians from the Alpine region the chance to present to a public both local and drawn from afar the results of their own creative engagement with the world of the mountains. This CD offers a selection from the varied festival programme. These examples show how raw, tender, angular and smooth are the sounds of the Alps and how inventive today’s musicians are when playing them.

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