Ein Querschnitt durch das Festival '13


Töbi Tobler & Christoph Pfändler: Dibi dibi dip; Albin Brun Alpin Ensemble & Isa Wiss: Das Berg; Gianluigi Trovesi/Banda Puntsort: Ricercar Gottardo; Guy Klucevsek: Dancing on the Volcano; Marcel Oetiker: sórbaird; Lauterburg/Kennel/Steiner: Gäzig; Helena Winkelmann: Du lustige Filifausel; Michael Riessler: Gipfelmusik; OM: In a Silent Mood; Matthias Schriefl Six, Alps and Jazz: Alphornglühen; Ensemble Ton&Tal: Flusstöne Ticino, Reuss, Sarner Aa, Emme, Aare, Rhein; Polka aus Alb-Chehr für historische Jahrmarktorgel


The sounds of the Alps - and the freestanding foundations of tradition: Since 1999, every other year a merry band of music enthusiasts from far and wide has gone on a pilgrimage to the Alps in central Switzerland in order to carry out their musical/spiritual exercises. They know what expects them and that's why they are here. Musicians, audiences and committed supporters come together as a team that knows what it's capable of, and even dares to go off-piste. The Alpentöne Festival offers an image of the Alps as if on a musical "projection screen". Loud and soft, harmonius and dissonant, for three days in August the sounds of music echo through the valleys of Canton Uri. One thing above all becomes clear in this: The Alps are an extremly broad musical church, as it were. And the breadth of it can be heard in 40 concerts over just three days.

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