Ein Querschnitt durch das Festival '15


Ciribiribella Mare moja; Olga an der Wolga; Sorriso; Appenzeller; Em Walsers Migg sin; Appenzeller (2. Ausschnitt); Charscht; Bündner-Stübli-Destillat; Trio aus Paul Kolleggers Brantenweinrauschwalzer; S


Besides the masses – who want to keep hearing the same thing over and over again – and the highly educated minority that’s fixated on their own particular, special field, there is clearly also an audience that just likes to listen in to what’s happening, and that takes pleasure in it, both when there’s a rumpus and also in the very quiet moments. Even people with no affinity for old folk music prick up their ears when hearing this music. There are but few mountainous regions that are as glorified by everyone as are the Alps. Even after nine editions of this Festival it’s hardly imaginable that this great game could ever come to an end. Though as we can hear on this CD, folk music is just one of an endless number of possibilities for us to engage with these mountains in musical terms.


Trad./Slavko Avsenik; Cristina Janett; Emil Walser; Markus Flückiger; Duo Hassler/Kupcke; Willi Valotti; Fränggi Gehrig; Gabriel Chäslin; Matthias Loibner.


Ils Fränzlis Da Tschlin; Geschwister Küng & Markus Kühnis; Alpentöne Blasorchester mit dem Ensemble chammerart; Hans Hassler & Ensemble; Alpini Vernähmlassig; Folk Orchestra Limerick-Helsinki-Lucerne; Du Bartàs; Oloid, Ndima; Marco Santilli

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