Ein Querschnitt durch das Festival 2011

Tracks No. 41 Schottisch "D'Stanserhornbahn", No. 2 Polonaise "Gait ume gäng hingere-nangere noch!"; Helvetic Fiddlers & Sarah Buechi: "Es syn es mal zwo Gspili gsyn", "Mys Lieb, we du zur Chilche tuest gah"; Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Gianluigi Trovesi: Berg Heim; Ziegler-Baumann Ensemble: Tarantella; Otto Lechner & casalQuartett: Joseph Haydn "Sonnenaufgang-Quartett" op. 76/4 1. Satz; Trio vocal Norn, Nikita Pfister: O Grishun Lup, Kluku; Kaspar Ewalds, Exorbitantes Kabinett: Celestische Rebellion; Nois Kwintet: Improvisation über "die luschtige Urnäscher"; Walter Fähndrich, Christian Dierstein: Improvisation (Ausschnitt); Alpentöne Blasorchester, Michel Godard: In Paradisum


The music festival "Alpentöne" ("Sounds of the Alpes"), now in its seventh edition, shows once more that the Alps are a region of transitory encounters, more perhaps than any other landscape in Europe. Here, close together, lie the sources of the most important European waterways. Very different ways of life and very different temperaments have come upon each other in the Alps for centuries, both isolated from each other by high mountains and also united by mountain passes. Here, where traders and goods, languages and cultures move through, there takes place every two years a real "summit meeting". Musicians from all over Europe, primarily from the Alpine countries, come together in Altdorf in order to demonstrate the many facets and possibilities of acoustic Alpine wanderings. The festival, founded in 1999, is not bound to any single musical style. Its theme is clear, but not its genre. It can offer new music, classical, jazz, folk or (new) folk music or mixtures of any of these. The result is a highly varied programme that is reflected, too, in the selection of works on this CD.


Various composers

Artists, Helvetic Fiddlers &, Sarah Buechi, Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Gianluigi Trovesi, Ziegler-Baumann Ensemble, Otto Lechner &, casalQuartett, Trio vocal Norn, Nikita Pfister, Kaspar Ewalds, Exorbitantes Kabinett, Nois Kwintet, Walter Fähndrich, Christian Dierstein, Alpentöne Blasorchester, Michel Godard.

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