Am Bruch zur Moderne

Schweizer Lieder nach 1900


Emil Frey: Trois Lieder op. 15; Walter Lang: Wie liebten wir so treu, Wo hast du all die Schönheit, Liederfolge nach Gedichten von Platen; Marcel Sulzberger: Soir, Nocturne, Rêverie; Emil Frey: Junges Mädchen in den Bergen, Gottvertrauen; Max Zehnder: Ich kann nicht glauben, Fünf Lieder für Sopran und Klavier; Marcel Sulzberger: L’allée est sans fin, Dernier printemps, Zwischen Tag und Dunkel, Vergangenheit; Walter Lang: Drei Lieder.


Swiss songs after 1900 “The Swiss tend more to yodelling than to cubism” wrote the Dadaist Hugo Ball in 1916. This cliché of early modern Switzerland being averse to artistic progress, limping behind all others, has proven durable, though the truth was of course not so straightforward. Most leading Swiss composers from the turn of the century onwards studied at the big conservatories of Germany and France, where they automatically came into contact with the newest trends. Some of them did indeed suffer from the reactionary tendencies of the Swiss establishment, but their achievements deserve a more thorough investigation beyond the clichés. The four men represented on this CD can stand for a whole generation of Swiss composers who practised varying forms of Modernism, but who – not least for socio-political reasons – succumbed to long-term obscurity


Emil Frey (1889-1946); Walter Lang (1896-1966); Marcel Sulzberger (1876-1941); Max Zehnder (1901-1972).


Sybille Diethelm, Sopran; Valentin Johannes Gloor, Tenor; Edward Rushton, Klavier.

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