André Richard



André Richard was already 40 years old, half a dozen of his works had received their premières - and yet still this composer, born in the old part of the city of Berne in 1944, stubbornly refused to talk about his compositional development. Not a word about his training to become a chef in Berne and Geneva; nothing about how the son of a butcher-cum-landlord switched to music. That he had managed to do so was the only thing that was decisive to him. He took his school-leaving certificate at evening school, studied singing, music theory and composition 'part-time' at the Geneva Conservatory from 1965 onwards - where he also brought these studies to completion - then from 1971 he worked as a theory teacher in Geneva. But in 1975 he gave up this safe position and began composition studies anew with Klaus Huber and Brian Ferneyhough in Freiburg im Breisgau. In 1980 he became the manager of Huber's Institute for New Music. André Richard's silence regarding his unusual, picturesque career is a means of exclusion. Only the music counts, not the peripherals, even if his hard-won path to a career in music has left deep marks on his personality, on his understanding of music and on his works themselves. Wanting to become a musician meant a radical refusal of all other paths to success that had lain open to him.


André Richard (*1944)


Sinfonieorchester des Südwestfunks Baden-Baden, Ensemble Recherche, E. Molinari (Klarinette), M. Mellinger (Violine), J. Nied, D. Mehltretter (Kontrabass), L. Zagrosek, J. Schöllhorn (Leitung).Koproduktion mit dem WDR, SWF und SR.

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