Andreas Gutzwiller



Kotobuki Shirabe (trad. Shakuhachi-Stück) Thüring Bräm (*1944) "One in Two" für Shakuhachi und Viola Urban Mäder (*1955) "Windstriche I" für Shakuhachi, Streichtrio und Schlagzeug Gerald Bennett (*1942) "Three dances of the Angel" für Shakuhachi und Schlagzeug Thomas Kessler (*1937) "Irasshaimase" für Shakuhachi und Live-Elektronik


Andreas Gutzwiller was born in 1940. He studied musicology and ethnomusicology at the Freie Universität Berlin and at the Wesleyan University in the USA. It was there that he began studying the Japanese flute or 'shakuhachi' with Araki Kodô V; he continued his studies with Kawase Junsuke III in Tokyo from 1972 to 1979. His doctoral thesis was on the history of shakuhachi music, and he was awarded the title of 'shihan' or 'master' of the Kinko School of shakuhachi playing. Since 1980, he has taught at the Basle Music Academy, and is head of its Studio for Non-European Music.


Andreas Gutzwiller


Andreas Gutzwiller (Shakuhachi), Egidius Streiff (Violine), Mariana Doughty (Viola), Tobias Moster (Violoncello), Lorenz Haas (Schlagzeug), Matthias Eser (Schlagzeug).

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