Annette Schmucki



arbeiten/verlieren. die wörter; fünfstimmig hüpfende; und durch. figuren. unter ruhe/punkten; arbeiten/verlieren. die stimmen


Language work' is what Annette Schmucki calls her activity as a composer. Born in 1968, this Swiss composer has since the early 1990s devoted herself to the possibilities of engaging  with language in a musical manner: a search for commonalities between text and music, for a reconstruction of hidden connotations of the linguistic. Annette Schmucki wants to show that language is nothing ready-made, nothing that is simply 'at call' to serve only whatever concrete need is at hand. In her music she presents language as something created, constructed, and displays its sonic potential both within and without all semantic meaning.


Annette Schmucki (*1968)


Ensemble ascolta, Eva Nievergelt, Stimme, Christoph Brunner, grosse Trommel, Neue Vocalsolisten, Titus Engel, Leitung.

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