Arte Quartett

Schweizer Saxophonquartette


How better could four musicians in an ensemble present themselves, than with music that was written especially for them and for their saxophones? And so this is what the ARTE Quartet does here. This recording illustrates today's almost innumerable possibilities for their combination of instruments, and at the same time - though hardly as a by-product - it paints a portrait of the younger generation of Swiss composers, born between 1964 and 1977, who came to prominence in the 1990s. For this generation, the palette of sounds and noises that was developed during the wild years of the avant-garde is used as a matter of course, though it was barely known just two generations ago. And this is all done on the saxophone, which in classical music played a subordinate role all too long, and which in this quartet appears in different registers.


Various composers


Arte Quartett - Beat Hofstetter: Alt-, Baritonsaxophon, Sascha Armbruster: Alt-, Tenor, Kontrabasssaxophon, Andrea Formenti: Alt-, Tenorsaxophon, Beat Kappeler: Alt-, Tenor-, Baritonsaxophon, Gary Berger: Live-Elektronik.

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