Aus dem Liederbuch des Johannes Heer von Glarus


Johannes Heer was born in Glarus around 1489 and died in the same place in 1553. Heer was the first of Glarus' sons to study at the Sorbonne in Paris from 1508 to 1516. He completed his song book during his studies. After successfully completing his studies at the faculty of arts, Heer turned to theology, as was customary, and became a highly respected chaplain in Glarus. He was an intimate of Zwingli, whom he addresses in the only letter that has survived as his "gracious dear friend and patron". He took part in the conversion of Glarus to Protestantism, and married. Nonetheless, he continued to participate in the Catholics' sung services in the "parity" church; thus, if he did not remain true to his received religion, he was forever faithful to his musical enthusiasm. His song book gives us a good idea of the broad musical background of this humanist. Our programme attempts to reflect this variety of genres and languages: Lieder, chansons, motets, and frottoles in the Alemannic and Bavarian dialects of German, as well as in French, Italian and Latin.' (Michel Piguet)


Johannes Heer von Glarus (1489-1553)


Ensemble Ludwig Senfl, Michel Piguet (Leitung).

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