Balz Trümpy



Balz Trümpi was born in Basle; he grew up in Glarus. He received  his musical education at the Conservatory of the "Musikakademie Basel": teaching diploma for piano, concert class for piano with Paul Baumgartner. Composition studies and teaching diploma for musical theory. Further studies in composition in Rome with . and as assistant to - Berio. Several stays at the IRCAM in Paris. In 1977 he received the Art Prize of the Basle Lions-Club. Since 1979 he has taught musical theory and composition at the Basle Conservatory, of which he was also assistant director from 1982 to 1987.


Balz Trümpy (*1946)


B. Fuchs (Sopran), K. Widmer (Bariton), R. Latzko, M. Ylönen, I. Frank, S. Bonhoeffer, A. Plattner, E. Sertl, J.-E. Haeuser, S. Ogilvie (Violoncello), Radio-Sinfonieorchester Basel, Basler Madrigalisten, O. Cuendet, B. Trümpy, F. Näf, R. Latzko (Leitung).

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