Basel Sinfonietta

IGOR STRAWINSKY, Feu d'artifice; THOMAS KESSLER, "Aufbruch" für 5 Sampler und Orchester; WERNER BÄRTSCHI, "Die Majestät der Alpen" für grosses Orchester; WITOLD LUDOSLAWSKI, Konzert für Orchester


The basel sinfonietta was founded by young musicians in 1980 with the aim of bringing new combinations of contemporary music, and works both unknown and well-known, to a public that is open to unusual and experimental sounds. With its eye for the unconventional and provocative, the sinfonietta has made a name for itself at home and abroad, both in its smaller formation and as a full symphony orchestra. Besides traditional symphony concerts, the basel sinfonietta has organized numerous crossover programmes in the sphere of jazz, dance and performance as well as various silent-film and multi-media projects.


Diverse Komponisten


basel sinfonietta, Joel Smirnoff, Jürg Wyttenbach (Leitung).

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