Baumann Large Ensemble

Kein schöner Land


Ouvertüre; Winter; Fasnacht; Wasserbild 1; Frühling; Reisen 1; Alp 1 / Sennenleben I; Alp 2 / Wasser und Liebe; Alp 3 / Gewitter plus Abendstimmung; Chlausenn's Ende; Alb; Reisen 2; Wasser-Liebe - Trümmer; Reisen 3 Traffic-Jam; Coda - Line plus Vamp


No lovelier land - An imaginary Swiss journey. A kind of (absurd) journey through Switzerland leads us through the most varied situations, landscapes and episodes, including veritable nightmares, frosty snowstorms, springtime idylls, water pictures, insights into customs and the love-lives of shepherds and their shepherdesses as well as the disturbances to the latter by militant wandering groups and climatic inconveniences. The work is scored for a reduced-size big band. The core ensemble comprises both young and experienced musicians from the Swiss jazz scene. The guests are: Christoph Dienz (Vienna), Matthias Ziegler (Switzerland), Annette Huseby (Norway), Florian Trübsbach (Germany) and Damir Horvat (Croatia).


Various composers


Baumann Large Ensemble, Mathias Baumann, Dirigent.

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