Beat Furrer



Oper nach Texten von Maurice Maeterlinck, Arthur Rimbaud, Friedrich Hölderlin und Platon. Auftragswerk der Wiener Staatsoper. Weltereinspielung (1991)


Commissioned by the Vienna State Opera, Beat Furrer's first opera "Die Blinden" was premiered with great success in 1989 at the Wien modern Festival. The Blind Ones, who do not exactly know where they are , wait for the return of their leader, a priest. Shortly before the end of the opera they find him dead. This, in a few words, is the plot of the "static drama" "The Blind Ones" by Maeterlinck,  main source for Furrer's work. This is combined with fragments from Plato's Cave Allegory and texts by Friedrich Hölderlin and Arthur Rimbaud, thus creating a kind of montage. The menace of darkness awakens the longing for the light, of which Plato and Hölderlin implore the force and the energy, but which Rimbaud, on the other hand, finds dangerous.


Beat Furrer (*1954)


Linda Watson (Sopran), Patricia Caya, (1. Mezzosopran), Petra Schuwareck, (2. Mezzosopran), Vokalensemble (Einstudierung: Errico Fresis), Klangforum Wien. Beat Furrer (Leitung).

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