Beat Furrer



Aer für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier; ... cold and calm and moving für Flöte, Harfe und Streichtrio; Lied für Violine und Klavier; auf tönernen füssen für Stimme und Flöte nach einem Text von Friederike Mayröcker; Studie für Klavier.


Beat Furrer’s art of composition is like an exploration of fundamental principles, an exploration that is made accessible in the work and through the act of hearing it. Aggregate states in sound, musical processes, the nature of time itself and the contrast between the subject and the world are the topics of his works – though they are at the same time expressive snapshots of the moment. This portrait CD with works by Beat Furrer from 1991 to 2011 affords us an overview of works from twenty years. Aer, …cold and calm and moving and Lied belong to a group of works that he wrote after completing his first opera Die Blinden (1989). auf tönernen füssen (2001) after Friederike Mayröcker belongs to the time when he wrote his music theatre piece Begehren, while Study for piano (2011) was composed most recently, shortly after his music theatre work Wüstenbuch.


Beat Furrer


Trio Catch; ensemble proton bern; Maximilian Haft, Violine; Samuel Fried, Klavier; Mira Tscherne, Stimme; Eva Furrer, Flöte; Nicolas Hodges, Klavier.

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