Beat Furrer



Oper in sechs Szenen nach Ovids "Metamorphosen"


Beat Furrer was born in 1954 in Schaffhausen/Switzerland, from where in 1975 he went to Vienna, where he trained and found international success. In 1985 he founded the "Klangforum Wien" ensemble, of which he has been the conductor. Since 1991 Beat Furrer has been professor of composition at the Graz Academy of Music and the Performing Arts. Here, in 1994 Beat Furrer's second opera Narcissus was premiered at the "steirischer herbst" festival. Narcissus is an antihero with no clearly defined link with any operatic identitiy, no illusion of any manifest subjectivity. Where the traditional operatic hero is based on the unity of person and language, in Narcissus the permanent search for this language becomes thematic. Narcissus discovers the image of his self on the water's surface. Fascinated and frightened he loses himself once again just as he believed he had found himself.  


Beat Furrer (*1954)


Monika Bair-Ivenz (Mezzosopran), Johannes Chum(Sprecher 1), Hannes Hellmann (Sprecher 2), Klangforum Wien, Südfunk-Chor Stuttgart, Beat Furrer (Leitung).

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