Barnards Loop; What If; FBI Bounce; Misterious Lovers; Balloons; Love & Dizzieness; Exit Two; Domino; Seà±orita Smiles; So Nice


Bellatrix is the third biggest star in the constellation of Orion. For many people, stars awaken notions of boundlessness and of eternal motion. These images are also well-suited to the self-understanding of the Bellatrice quintet. For three years, Bellatrice has been playing regularly in the 'Work in progress' series. The name of this series is to be understood literally: These monthly concerts are quite simply the way this quintet works. Here they try out improvising ideas, here too many a piece composed in advance is given new twists and variations. Music pieces in different genres are the result. It is a continuing musical process in which all five musicians are active, each with their own sound world. The album Barnard is a snapshot of this process.


Nina Salis, Tobias von Glenck, Marius Peyer


Nina Salis: Vocals, Komposition, Lyrics, Christian Rösli: Keyboards, Piano, Tobias von Glenck: Kontrabass, Komposition, Marius Peyer: Drums und Percussion, Komposition, Thomas Winkler: Mix und Effekte.

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