Sounds from the Mountains


Kompositionen von Das Neue Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt, Heinz Marti, Roland von Flüe; Patricia Draeger, HujGroup, Erika Stucky, Nikita Pfister/Montferrine, hornroh, Heinz Holliger, Oberwalliser Spillit, Daniel Ott, La Lupa, Swiss Art Orchestra 91 u.a.


At the World Exposition in Aichi, Switzerland is represented by a 'mountain'. The inside of this 'mountain' provides surprising insights into a country that most Japanese citizens know only as a holiday destination. It is for this programme that the present musical kaleidoscope on CD has been conceived: 'Sounds from the Mountains'. As one would expect, we find here alphorns, yodelling, dulcimers and concertinas. But we also find fascinating musical surprises. This CD presents ensembles from across the whole of Switzerland that do not just play traditional music, but also seek contact with contemporary trends, dare to tread new paths, and find creative, even experimental aspects in a diverse, 'new' folk music. This is all faithful to the motto of our cultural programme accompanying the Exposition: 'Dynamic Switzerland'


Diverse Komponisten


Paul Giger & Arnold Alder (violins), Fabian Müller (cello), Töbi Tobler (dulcimer), Francisco Obieta (double bass), Markus Flückiger (Schwyzerörgeli, accordion), Zürcher Kammerorchester, Roland von Flüe (saxophones, clarinets), Beat Escher (violin), Heinz della Torre (trumpet), Patricia Draeger (accordion, flute, voice), Sergei Simbirev (accordion), Dani Häusler (clarinets), Reto Kamer (piano), Erika Stucky (voice), Nikita Pfister (accordion, dulcimer, voice) u.v.a.

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