Carlo Donato Cossoni

Il Sacrificio d'Abramo


Il Sacrificio d’Abramo. Dialogo a 3 voci. Angelo, Abramo, Isacco; Audite insulae. Tenore solo con violini; Cur me tenetis. Soprano solo; Beatus vir. Basso solo con violini; Salve Regina Silvarum. A 3. Canto, alto e Basso; Beatus vir. A quattro in fuga; Super flumina Babylonis. A 3. Canto, Alto e Basso.


Carlo Donato Cossoni was born on 10 November 1623 in Gravedona by the banks of Lake Como. The most important stations of his professional life were his appointment as the first organist to the basilica of S. Petronio in Bologna and as the Kapellmeister at Milan Cathedral from 1984 to 1692. Differences of opinion with the Milanese Archbishop Federico Visconti led to his being suspendend twice, and then finally to his dismissal. He therefore withdrew to the town of his birth in 1692 and henceforth devoted himself to composing. He left five volumes containing 54 sacred works to the abbey fo Einsiedeln. In our recording, we offer four virtuosic solo vocal pieces, of which "Audite Insulae" and "Beatus vir" display elements of the "stile nuovo", i.e. of the concertante style with obligato violins and bassoon; then there are the mini-oratorio "Il Sacrificio d'Abramo" and two compositions on the "old", polyphonic style, namely "Beatus vir à 4" and "Super flumina Babylonis".


Carlo Donato Cossoni


Kesselberg Ensemble , Ilze Grudule, Barockvioloncello, Lirone, Leitung.

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