Celloduo Frank / Schucan



It was the idea of giving a modernistic slant to Offenbach that led the duo Frank/Schucan to find a new mode of performance for his works. Music by Felix Baumann and Rico Gubler is woven in that engages with both the content and the spirit of the two works by Offenbach - with an emphasis on those aspects of contemporary music that can be experienced sensually. The open-ended moments in Offenbach's music are here brought centre-stage: the composers Felix Baumann and Rico Gubler react each in his own way to this music's cryptic, hidden depths, and bring these into the light in different ways. As cellists, Imke Frank and Martina Schucan are two very different, original personalities, but in this programme, they work together to form unexpected sounds.


Various composers


Martina Schucan und Imke Frank, Violoncello

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