Chriesibaum im Jahresring

Eine Wanderung durch alpine Klangwelten


Winter; Fasnacht; Frühlingstanz; Alpklang; Berggeister; Sommerfest; Abend - Summerabed; Alpsegen; Herbstlied - Das rotbaggig Lied; Reihe - Gschwätz; Winterbluescht


The idea of 'Cherry Tree in the Ring of the Year' was born after the invitation from the Braunwald Music Festival to conceive and realize a work on the theme of music and nature. After preliminary conversations and rehearsals, it became clear to the four musicians from quite different stylistic directions that the wonderful collection of texts by Georg Thürer provided them with a central theme that ran through everything, depicting the course of a single year. The texts were not to be set to music (with one exception), but were to be placed in a musical space in which they could unfold their poetry and the innate musicality of the Glarner dialect.


Various composers


Betty Legler, Stimme, Christoph Baumann, Klavier, präpariertes Klavier, Hans Kennel, Trompete, Alphorn, Büchel, Lure, Matthias Ziegler, Flöte, Bassflöte, Kontrabassflöte

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