Christoph Baumann & Rurban Music Ensemble

Wysel Remix


Part I: Line, Conduction 1; Prolog, Wysel-Thema, Conduction 2 inkl. So So Zäuerli; Wysel & Gritli, Carpe Diem. Part II: Karriere inkl. Vorstädter Schottisch 1; Barbaro 1; Barbaro 2 inkl. Vorstädter Schottisch 2; Part III: Klausenrennen inkl. Xaveris Kurgäscht chömed; Part IV: Carpe Diem 2 / Mozart inkl. Xandi isch das alles?; Streit; Ballade / Interlude 1; Part V: Flugwetter inkl. Steiner Chilbi; Paris-Collage; Part VI: Stollberg Variations inkl. Stollberg Schottisch; Traum / Interlude 2; Part VII: Coda 1 (Hafen); Coda 2 (Wysel-Thema).


No, this is hardly folk music. Nor is it supposed to be. Nevertheless, Wysel Remix has a lot to do with folk music. That is partly because the stage work Wysel was the starting point for this CD, but also because the wandering musicians who perform here mix up the homely sounds of the Alpine landscape in a manner as nonchalant as it is respectful. Whoever turns onto the motorway will get ahead quicker – he just won’t leave any tracks on the concrete behind him. But such tracks are certainly left by the man out in the muddy fields with his divining rod, in the deep soil of high meadows and in the musty undergrowth of wild-growing forests. Someone like the passionate mountain hiker Christoph Baumann, perhaps, whose convoluted biography has for four decades led him through such out-of-the-way stretches of land – though lands that are at the same time actually quite close by. For some time now, these lands have been joined by the alpine pastures and gardens of Swiss folk music, to which he returns time and again to find rare species to take back to his composing kitchen.


Christoph Baumann, Noldi Alder, Kasi Geisser, Hermann Lott, Jost Ribary.


Rurban Music Ensemble: Christoph Baumann, Klavier, Leitung; Noldi Alder, Violine, Hackbrett, Stimme; Adrian Pflugshaupt, Saxophon, Klarinette; Basil Hubatka, Trompete, Flügelhorn; Bernhard Bamert, Posaune; Hans Hassler, Akkordeon; Marcel Oetiker, Schwyzerörgeli; Rätus Flisch, Kontrabass; Marco Käppeli, Drums, Perkussion.

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