Christoph Delz



Christoph Delz drew his inspiration from the natural world, environmental sounds, literary texts and from early musical styles and compositions. These sources of inspiration were not hidden: he used them in titles of compositions and in the music itself, depicting them clearly, occasionally to the extent of an exact reproduction. His use of these "ready-mad" sounds was conscious and serious within clear self-imposed parameters. Nevertheless, or perhaps for this reason, their use adds a light, almost playful dimension to the works.


Christoph Delz (1950-1993)


Ch. Delz (Klavier), N. Shirato (Violine), J. Krist (Viola), F. Gauwerky (Cello), Kölner Rundfunkchor, Bläserquintett des WDR Köln, Saarbrücker Streichquartett, H. Schernus, A. Hempel (Leitung)

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