Claudio Monteverdi



AL LUME DELLE STELLE a 4 voci e basso continuo SI CH’IO VORREI MORIRE a 5 voci (coro) PARLO MISER O TACCIO Terzetto per 2 soprani e basso LAMENTO D’ARIANNA Madrigale in 4 parti a 5 voci miste (coro) LAMENTO DELLA NINFA Madrigale in genere rappresentativo IL BALLO DELLE INGRATE (in genere rappresentativo)


The name of Edwin Loehrer (1906-1991) is closely bound up with the Monteverdi renaissance of the 1950s and '60s - several decades before Monteverdi's operas achieved a breakthrough on the stage thanks to Ponnelle and Harnoncourt at the Zurich Opera House in the 1980s. The LP recordings of Monteverdi's madrigals that Edwin Loehrer made with the "Società cameristica di Lugano" (a group he had founded himself) were awarded the renowned Grand Prix du Disque of the Académie Charles Cros and the Grand Prix National du Disque (Arthur Honegger Prize) several times from 1962 onwards. Of the rich body of recordings of Monteverdi's madrigals that lie in the archives of the radio studio in Lugano, we herewith bring a small selection on CD in order to make them accessible to the general public.


Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)


Società Cameristica di Lugano , Edwin Loehrer (Leitung).

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