Dani Felber Big Band Explosion

Thank you, Fos!


Thank you, Fos!; Shiny Stockings; Bring on the Raindrops; One Two Three; Love Handles; Lady Carolyn; Jörg on the Road; Ode to Joe Newman; Whirly Bird; Sina’s Dream; Come on in; Papa Fox


"The Swiss Alpine air, the historic Hotel Waldhaus in Sils Maria, the best big band musicians arriving from all over the world - all this mixture left its mark on our 3 days of rehearsals ! There was that indescribable energy that you get when 18 top-class musicians come together to make a band swing and blow the roof off. Everyone had great fun working with everyone else, and with a clear goal before them: recording a studio album in honour of Frank Foster. With my own composition, Thank you, Fos! , I expressed my own personal memories of him." Dani Felber


Frank Foster


Dani Felber Big Band Exposion

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