Daniel Ott - klangkörperklang

zum Klangkörper von Peter Zumthor


The Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2000 is first and foremost an experience for the senses. Architecture, Lightscripts, Music Drinking and Eating and Sound Box Clothing combine to form a Gesamtkunstwerk, which is organised and sustained by the tension of an invisible mise-en-scene direction. It is a non-stop feature of the Sound Box, involving some 350 musicians from all around the world. All cultural regions of Switzerland are represented. Twelve musicians work in three-hour shifts from 9:30am to 9:30pm. The musical concept devised by Daniel Ott comprises the basic sound, improvised passages and the so-called music windows. The basic sound is played by three accordionists and three dulcimer players. Through the use of infinitely variable elements, the basic sound responds to the principle of variation that underlies the architecture of the Sound Box.


Daniel Ott (*1960)


Anna Clementi, Stimme, Co Streiff, Altsaxophon, Wu Wei, Sheng, Ruedi Häusermann, Klarinette, Flöte, Hans Koch, Bassklarinette, Rico Gubler, Sopransaxophon, Peter Schärli, Trompete, Marc Ramser, Hackbrett, Vladimir Blagojevic, Akkordeon, Goran Kovacevic, Akkordeon u.a.

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