Daniel Schenker Quartet

Jardim Botanico


Rua Caxundé; Nordost; KL Blue; Jardim Botà¢nico; Moon Palace; Late; Cascade; Roseira; Leaving the Post


Daniel Schenker lets us discover something that is otherwise pretty rare: the poetry of the trumpet. You've got to know your Chet Baker, but perhaps you also have to have soaked up Brazilian music in order to play the trumpet like Daniel Schenker. When he plays, he opens our ears to all the little nuances that he brings to life when he makes his trumpet 'speak' - and for him it is an instrument of sensibility (this is true, even in very quick movements). Schenker muses on his trumpet, and this allows him to touch our senses.


Daniel Schenker


Daniel Schenker, Trompete, Flügelhorn, Stefan Aeby, Klavier, Dominique Girod, Kontrabass, Elmar Frey, Schlagzeug.

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