Das Neue Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt

Das Appenzeller Universum zwischen Volks- und Kunstmusik


Based on musical elements of the "Appenzell universe" and taking into consideration the musicians' vast potential, this project follows new paths, as far as both form and instrumental technique are concerned. The musicians have taken great care in choosing and arranging the pieces in order to meet with the high level of the wonderful jewels which traditional Appenzell music has to offer on a musical and instrumental level. The listener will therefore be able to establish a new correspondence between popular and "art" music.


Das Neue Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt


Paul Giger und Arnold Alder (Violinen), Fabian Müller (Cello), Töbi Tobler (Hackbrett), Francisco Obieta (Kontrabass).

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