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The Fourth Symphony marks not only the first highpoint in Shostakovitch's canon of 15 symphonies, but also the closing point of a phase in his compositional development - a development that underwent a radical change of direction in the works that followed it. The demands made by the Fourth Symphony are considerably greater than those of Shostakovitch's first three symphonies. This fact is also reflected in its extended duration (it lasts about an hour). Its musical language is removed from the figurative tendencies of the earlier works and, with its disjointed manner - there are large build-ups, sudden collapses and surreal interjections of trivial dances and march music - it reminds one strongly of the music of Gustav Mahler, whom Shostakovitch greatly admired.


Dmitrij Schostakowitsch (1906-1975)


Philharmonische Werkstatt Schweiz , Mario Venzago (Leitung).

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