Dmitrij Schostakowitsch



The 5th Symphony holds a special place within Schostakovich's output. It is the first symphony he wrote after several years of cruel persecution by the communist regime. In a review in "Prawda" of the premiere of Shostakovich's opera "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District" we read: 'Chaos instead of music!' This shattering judgment came from Stalin himself. Shortly afterwards Shostakovich wrote the 4th Symphony, one of his bravest and most brilliant works. The symphony was forbidden after the final rehearsal and only premiered thirty years later. What the communist party required from Shostakovich was simple, optimistic and pompous music (preferably in C major with cymbals), and a complete refusal of all musical innovations. Superficially considered, the 5th Symphony appears simply wrought; yet beneath the surface lurks an expressive power marked by a totalitarian reign of terror. The present recording is the first result of the collaboration between the Migros Cooperative Society and the Philharmonische Werkstatt Schweiz (Philharmonic Workshop Switzerland). It was performed under the direction of Rudolf Barshai.


Schostakowitsch Dmitrij (1906-1975)


Philharmonische Werkstatt Schweiz, Rudolf Barshai (Leitung) , Koproduktion mit Schweizer Radio DRS, Studio Basel.

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