Duo Andreas Gabriel & Fabian Müller

und die "Helvetic Fiddlers"


A dr Grossmueter ires; Polka; Walzer Nr. 11 aus "Altfrentsch"; Zwei Mazurka und zwei Schottisch; Dr Fluehöfler und zwei Ländler; Walzer Nr. 1 aus "Altfrentsch"; Walzer Nr. 16 und 17, Notenbuch A. Stadelmann; Dr jung Saglienschtli; Walzer und vier Ländler; Polka; Walzer Nr. 12, Notenbuch A. Stadelmann; Walzer; Polka und Dryschrittler "De Düütsch"; "Z’Kartschen Sebi’s"; Schottisch; Walzer; "Der Rutscher"; Mazurka und Walzer; 4 Feldaufnahmen, H. Christen.


One forgotten aspect of our folk music of the 19th century is the use of the violin. On the 250 photos of dance bands that Hanny Christen collected, we see how widely popular the violin used to be. The duo Andreas Gabriel & Fabian Müller endeavours to find their way back to the original playing techniques utilized on Hanny Christen’s field recordings. And with their arrangements, they want to bring this music into a contemporary form. While developing and researching their repertoire, the duo was particularly keen to find a Swiss ‘sound’. In other words, Andreas Gabriel and Fabian Müller did not just want to transfer techniques from other fiddle traditions, but to take the field recordings as their starting point in order to give the pieces a wholly individual, Swiss, Alpine character.


Various composers


Andreas Gabriel, Geige, Fabian Müller, Violoncello (bei Helvetic Fiddlers: Bratsche), Andy Schaub, Kontrabass (Helvetic Fiddlers, Titel 9, 17, 18)

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