Ex Libris Doctoris Amerbachii

Musikbücher des Basler Juristen Bonifacius Amerbach


Kompositionen von Georg Brack, Hans Buchner, Wolfgang Dachstein, Josquin Desprez, Sixt Dietrich, Benedictus Ducis, Johannes Fuchswild, Mathias Greiter, Jo. Hesdimois, Paul Hofhaimer U.A.


Bonifacius was to become the most famous member of the prominent family of Amerbach. A friend of Erasmus since his youth, Bonifacius was responsible for the estate of the great humanist after his death. He began at an early age to collect music books. These music books testify to the cosmopolitan taste of their young owner, for they contain vocal and instrumental works whose provenance ranges from the Upper Rhine and Württemberg, to Italy and France. Whether or not the performances recorded here correspond to how they would have really sounded in Amerbach's time, we shall never be able to verify. It is rather our intention here to present to the public those riches of musical culture to which Bonifacius had access in his youth in Basle.


Diverse Komponisten


La Morra: Corina Marti, Flöten, Clavicytherium: Michal Gondko, Laute, Elizabeth Rumsey, Grossgeige, William Dongois, Zink, Felix Stricker, Zugtrompete, Dani Pelagatti, Pommer, Keal Couper, Posaune.Arianna Savall, Gesang.

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