Fabian Müller

Klavierkonzert, Labyrinth, Suite für Violoncello und Streichorchester, Lied des Einsamen


Konzert für Klavier und Streichorchester, Labyrinth, Suite für Violoncello und Streichorchester, Lied des Einsamen


Fabian Müller is one of the leading Swiss composers of his generation. His music is created wholly out of an intuitive freedom. His starting point is rarely a concept developed by the intellect for the music to follow. His works thus encompass modernistic and traditional elements. He feels no duty to any particular school or dogma, seeing his composing as a voyage of discovery undertaken by an independent spirit, combining a playful treatment of traditional methods with the unexpected and unforeseen. But Müller's concern is not to conjure up the past in a nostalgic manner; he simply does not wish to see the development of Western music as a one-dimensional continuum from epoch to epoch, with certain stylistic elements now 'permitted', now not. He rather sees it as a means of treating the totality of possible sounds in a manner that is forever new. Fabian Müller's works are performed internationally by renowned orchestras and ensembles. His work catalogue to date comprises fourteen orchestral works, some of them with soloists, many chamber music works, and one full-length stage work.


Fabian Müller (*1964)


Pi-Chin Chien, Violoncello, Adrian Oetiker, Klavier, Harry White, Saxophon , Zürcher Kammerorchester , Ruben Gazarian, Leitung

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