Faruk Muslijevic's Balkan Flavours

Elephant Steps


Wild Horse; Erlebnis; Shota; Orient Orbit; Crni Kofer; Elephant Steps; Night in Prishtina; Balkan Groove; Nostalgie; Dobrodosla; Take Balkan


The eleven works that are (with one exception) all by the bandleader Muslijevic himself achieve nothing less than interweaving, in harmonious fashion, the traditional music of the Balkans with the heritage of the Great American Songbook. Oriental melodies fly over jazzy carpets of sound, sweet melancholy gives way to a pure dancing passion. In rhythmic terms it is mostly uneven metres that dominate, but funky patterns also take up their rightful place here. Time and again, the classical training that Muslijevic enjoyed in the former Yugoslavia makes itself known. This is all realized by a group of jazz musicians perfectly attuned to each other. They have so internalized Muslijevic's compositions that they move within them with somnambulistic confidence and an unflurried elegance.


Faruk Muslijevic


Faruk Muslijevic, Klavier, Akkordeon, Keyboard, Dragan Pijetlovic, Gitarre, Thomas Tavano, E-Bass, Christoph Müller, Schlagzeug, Special guests: Veronika Stalder, Gesang, Marc Stucki, Tenorsaxophon.

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