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Leh Ya Jarè' is an Arab expression meaning 'Why, oh my neighbour?!'  It serves as a title for our project, and is to be understood in a thoroughly programmatic sense: 'Why, oh my neighbour?! Is something wrong? Do we have a problem?' 'Leh Ya Jarè' is a project of meeting. It is not a through-composed work, but more of a concept that essentially places the fear of foreigners onto a cultural level. The foreigner and the natives - the village choir and a few foreign musicians. Then there were a few free jazz musicians, added in order to relativize the 'foreignness' of it all - the average choir member and the average free jazz musician are foreign to each other too, of course, but they do belong to the same culture. To be sure, this all does not sound as if it belonged naturally together, such as with a composition that stems from the pen of one man, from beginning to end. But that was not the intention. To a certain extent, we were attempting to achieve the very of this. We wanted to show that the incredible variety of cultural forms of expression is a matter of wonderful richness, that contrasts are charming, and that the tension that builds up between foreign elements - the same tension that in society as a whole is often discharged negatively, even destructively - is essentially a matter of creative potential.


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Ensemble marocain: Rachid Zeroual, Nay, Saïd Boukhar, Violon, Nasser Houari, Oud, Samir Essahbi, Darbouka, Ensemble suisse: Hans Koch, Bassklarinette, Hans Hassler, Akkordeon, Risch Biert, Piano/Orgel, Fabian Kuratli, Schlagzeug, Fortunat Frölich, Violoncello und Leitung, Coramor Chur, Suisse, Chorale du Conservatoire National de Rabat, Maroc.

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