Francesco Hoch

The Magic Ring - Spettacolo musicale in un Prologo, Nove sedute e un Epilogo per tre voci femminili, tre voci maschili, tre chitarre elettriche, tre percussionisti e nastro magnetico a 8 canali


Prologo: Nascito del Ring e Prima Seduta: Ricardo I - Nostalgia; Seconda Seduta: Ricordo II - Crolli e depressioni; Terza Seduta: Adorazione del mercato; Quarta Seduta: Elogio della tecnologia; Sesta Seduta: Magie e terapie; Settima Seduta: Analisi; Ottava Seduta: Omaggio all’amore; Nona Seduta: Risveglio delle divinità totemiche; Epilogo: Trionfo e totalità del nuovo Ring


There is no real story told in The Magic Ring: there are eight scenes (of which the fifth is intended solely for the stage version), which are named ‘meetings’, which depict situations that refer to each other, and are strung together between the ‘Prologue’ and ‘Epilogue’. The world of the stock exchange as described in The Magic Ring reveals itself not merely as a model of centralized power, where decisions are made regarding individual and collective success or ruin, but also as a vital practice in which the unforeseen is generated. It was thus easy for Francesco Hoch to adopt the analyses and symbols that specialists of the stock exchange themselves provide. The circle as a symbol of eternal return and the totemic aspect of the stock exchange come from the writings of the famous economist J.K. Galbraith; the dominance of psychology and esotericism in decisions taken at the stock exchange he found in A. Kostolany, while he discovered the typical stockbrokers’ language in the publications of the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist J.Stewart.


Hoch, Francesco (*1943)


Stéphanie Burkhard, soprano, Magali Schwartz, soprano, Susanne Otto, contralto, Leopold Kern, tenore, Hubert Mayer, tenore, Matthias Schadock, baritono, Gitarrentrio Basel, Basler Schlagzeugtrio, Zsolt Nagy, direzione.

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