Frank Martin

Golgotha (1945-1948) - Oratorium in zwei Teilen für Soli, Chor, Orchester und Orgel nach den Evangelien und Texten des Heiligen Augustinus


CD 1 Erster Teil; CD 2 Zweiter Teil


"In early 1945, an exhibition of the Geneva Museum of Fine Arts offered the opportunity to admire a wonderful collection of copper engravings by Rembrandt. Amongst these many masterpieces I found myself particularly impressed by three starkly different printings of a vision of Golgotha, under the title of 'The three crosses'. After seeing this picture, I was pursued by the desire to depict the Passion with all the means at my disposal. On the one hand, the sublimity of the theme made me doubt my abilities, while on the other hand I did not know in what concrete form I should realize this plan. I therefore saw myself forced to come back to the notion of an oratorio. Through its own dimensions, it would create the occasion and the atmosphere that are essential for the musical telling of such a story. It further became clear to me that the danger for me of falling into an anxious pastiche of the classical examples of the Passion would in fact not be so great." Frank Martin


Frank Martin (1890-1974)


Barbara Locher, Sopran, Rolf Romel, Tenor, Michel Brodard, Bass-Bariton (Christus), Lilian Zürcher, Mezzosopran, René Koch, Bass, Peter Baur, Klavier, Kay Johannsen, Orgel, Solistenensemble der Musikhochschule Luzern, Luzerner Knabenkantorei, Akademiechor Luzern, Kantorei der Stiftskirche Stuttgart, Berliner Symphoniker, Alois Koch, Leitung.

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