Frank Martin

Musique de chambre


Sonate No 1 pour violon et piano (1912/13); Sonate No 2 pour violon et piano (1931/32); Trio sur des mélodies populaires irlandaises (1925); Quatre pièce brèves pour guitare (1933)


Although there exists relatively few pieces of chamber music by Frank Martin they recommend themselves by the high quality which characterizes the whole production of this most demanding of masters. It includes one of the greatest masterpieces, the unique String Quartet  (1966-1967), unique also in this period, as the rest belongs mostly to the time between 1913 and 1936. If this quartet is relatively well-known, as is the Quintet with Piano (1919) or the Trio (with piano) on Popular Irish Melodies of 1925, the same cannot be said about the two Sonatas for Violin and Piano written two decades later, and which are among his least-known compositions: although one or two recordings of the second sonata do exist, this CD is the first discographic version of the first sonata.


Martin Frank (1890-1974)


Armène Stakian, violon, Pascal Desarzens, violoncelle, Daniel Fuchs, piano, Miguel Charosky, guitare.

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