Franz Tischhauser

Die drei Morgensterniaden


Das Nasobem; Klein Irmchen; The Nosobame; Das Vierklaklavier; Le Nézobème


The creation of the three Morgensterniads spans almost half a century. In 1937 the sixteen-year old set to music his favorite poems from the songbook for children "Klein Irmchen". In 1950 the St. Gall chamber choir's wish for an a cappella composition inspired the next dip into the complex Morgenstern source. Seven of the most striking Galgenlieder (gibbet songs) were gathered into a Divertimento titled "Das Nasobem". 1984 saw the third offer of cooperation with the fantastic Morgensternian world. A commission from the Swiss Clarinet Players for a piece for four clarinets (VIER KLArinetten) led inevitably to the pun-title "Das Vierklaklavier", and made it clear where further inspiration was to be sought.


Franz Tischhauser


Schweizer Kammerchor, Edith Mathis, Sopran, Franz Tischhauser, Klavier, Swiss Clarinet Players, Fritz Näf, Leitung.

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