Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich

Miserere - Motetten


Vier Motetten für 4-stimmigen gemischten Chor; 12-stimmiges Miserere mit Pianoforte-Begleitung


In the year of the 170th anniversary of Theodor Fröhlich's death, we were able to fulfil his long-held desire, and perform his Miserere and four of his motets. Fröhlich left behind two manuscript volumes of motets. The first was written during his second stay in Berlin, from May 1827 to December 1829. The second volume, written from October 1830 to August 1835, was finished in Aarau. The 'Miserere mei Deus' was completed in Brugg in 1830. Fröhlich had begun it in Berlin, in ebullient spirits and in exuberant expectation of his presumed permanent post at the Aarau Grammar School. In this work we see clearly the aesthetic field of tension in which lies Fröhlich's whole oeuvre. While he takes his lead from Bach and Handel in his enthusiasm for Baroque forms of expression, his oeuvre as a whole nevertheless displays Romantic gestures and a Romantic sensibility of sound. It is difficult to assign this nine-movement work to a specific musical genre. Its extraordinary forces alone ensure it a special place in the repertory - it is written for twelve voices and piano accompaniment. Fröhlich makes full use of the musical possibilities that his forces offer him.


Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich (1803-1836)


Basler Vokalsolisten, Mikayel Balyan, Hammerflügel, Sebastian Goll, Leitung

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