Fritz Brun - Othmar Schoeck



Schoeck: Streichquartett Nr. 2 in C-Dur, op.37; Brun: Streichquartett Nr. 3 in F-Dur


The 'late Romantics' Othmar Schoeck and Fritz Brun are both regarded as typical examples of how Swiss music was 'behind the times'. Schoeck completed his quartet op. 37 in 1923, shortly after he had been first confronted with musical Modernism at the chamber music festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music in Salzburg. In his letters, Schoeck expressly recognized the innovative power of the dissonances used there, admiring in particular the 'knife-sharp rhythm' of a Stravinsky. The C major quartet, cast in five movements, certainly displays connections to the tendencies of the day. Thus the broad arches of melody in the first movement that betray Schoeck the song composer are combined with 'roughened' harmonies that in the fourth movement are intensified into long, held-out dissonances and parallel chord movement. Brun's String Quartet, written in 1943, is far more isolated in its time. Predominant here is a sensuous sonority, positively voluptuous in its higher registers. In the malleability of its melodies and its occasionally abrupt gestures, it in fact has a remarkably individual sound. The AMAR QUARTET's highest priorities are stylistic accuracy of interpretation and technical perfection, combined with artistic expression.


Fritz Brun (1878-1959) - Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957)


Amar Quartett: Anna Brunner und Igor Keller, Violinen, Hannes Bärtschi, Viola, Maja Weber, Violoncello.

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