George Crumb



George Crumb wrote Macrocosmos, 12 pieces after the signs of the Zodiac for amplified piano in 1972, and the following year added a second set under the same title. Each of these 24 pieces is dedicated to a person born under the respective sign, whose initials appear as a dedication in the score. The result is a connection between music and astrology, the nature of which varies according to the piece. While in some pieces the music expresses the character of the sign, in others it evokes a mood or a graphic conception. Although the entire Macrocosmos is full of allusions and references to esoteric thought, one can understand Crumb's music without interpretative assistance: owing to his ingenious choice of tonal means, each piece evokes a vivid picture in the hearer's mind, self-explanatory to those who are willing to close their eyes and follow their imagination.


Crumb George (*1929)


Emmy Henz-Diémand (Klavier)

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