George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

Matterhorn Matters


Choro Loco (Luciano Biondini); Artist’s Arteriology (George Gruntz); Matterhorn Matters (George Gruntz); His Master’s Choice (Franco Ambrosetti); My One and Only Love (Guy Wood/Robert Mellin); Too High (Stevie Wonder); Scott and Howard (George Gruntz)


Matterhorn Matters was recorded at a live concert in Lucerne on the 10th April 2010. Although the band contained several new faces, including brassmen Mike Rodriguez, Jeff Stockton and accordionist Luciano Biondini, it was a night when everything seemed to click musically. No doubt the perfect acoustics in the hall helped, but whatever that mysterious alchemy that grips an ensemble from time to time and lifts a performance from the ordinary into the extraordinary, it was present that night. Afterwards, everybody was excited about the performance - Gruntz, the band members, the audience and the Swiss Radio staff who recorded the event. No one was more keen than Gruntz himself to release this documentation of the concert on CD, "You can feel the fire, you can feel the whole band is really in it, a lot of energy there," he enthuses, "I've been living with the tapes of this concert for a couple of weeks now and I know every note everybody plays. Fantastic!"


Various composers


Dave Bargeron (tb), Luciano Biondini (accordeon), Chris Hunter (as, fl), Lew Soloff (tp/piccolo tp), Jeff Stockham (frh), Howard Johnson (tuba), Arie Volinez (e-bass), Sal Giorgianni (ts), Mike Rodriguez (tp), Andy Scherrer (ts), René Mosele (tb), François Laizeau (d), Larry Schneider (ts), Scott Robinson (bs, ts). 

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