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The Symphonie Les Echanges by Rolf Liebermann (1910-1999) was commissioned by Sector No. 5, 'Les échanges' (Goods and Values) the 1946 Swiss National Exhibition in Lausanne entitled EXPO 64. This work for 156 office machines was to be heard every hour, in a specially constructed pavilion. Liebermann wanted to transform it into a musical work. He called in the Swiss jazz musician George Gruntz, who had already shown great interest in 'intermedia projects', and who was known for his unusually high degree of mobility throughout the most varied musical fields. Gruntz took Liebermann's score and based his own version on all the musical events of the machine original, completing it by writing small, organically-added jazz themes that resulted in spaces in which the two drummers could improvise. In 1998, Gruntz decided to bring his work to new life with two young but promising Swiss drummers. Fabian 'Fab' Kuratli and Raphael 'Rafi' Woll were the two talents that Gruntz chose, and they had great fun in meeting the technical challenges that the work posed. The enthusiasm of the three collaborators and their joy in their unusual instrumental combination meant that new pieces had to be written. Therefore, George Gruntz composed three so-called Brain Plays - written as 'little jazz pieces', without improvisation, though allowing 'a free interpretation in a strict framework'.


George Gruntz


George Gruntz Percussion Ensemble , George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band.

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