Geschwister Küng



Nüdallgraaduus; Khaue ode gstoche; Aaheemele; Zwüsched Stüel ond Bänk; Fö d Christine; Gwondenasli; Rauschen an der Sitter; De Flickflaude; Rugguuseli mit Mazurka; Am Fälensee; A-Moll-Schottisch; Meedleschmecke; De vechehteweg; De Grossartig; Näbes Hämeligs; Heimatklänge


Tradition' is usually understood as the passing-down of knowledge, abilities, customs and conventions, whether in oral or written form. In the case of music, both forms of transmission are relevant, but the transmission of ways of playing or of a feeling for style can hardly be committed to paper. This is what those responsible for the Centre for Appenzell Music at the 'Roothuus' in Gonten must have thought when they prompted the Küngs to breathe life into their newly published volume 'Open like in olden days'. We can hear in these results that this was not just an honour for these young musicians, but an opportunity and a challenge. This collection dates from the glory days of Appenzell folk music. They have made eight pieces from it their own, arranging them with feeling, with wit, charm, a little cheek, but also always with the necessary respect for the original. Together with Roman Rutishauser, a well-known creative fellow active on the cultural scene, they took up these pieces and gave some of them completely new 'clothes' as it were. And thus the Küng siblings join the list of young Swiss ensembles who by questioning traditions recognized the essence of their heritage.


Various composers


Geschwister Küng: Clarigna Küng, Geige, Mirena Küng, Geige, Christine Baumann, Geige, Laraina Küng, Violoncello, Madlaina Küng, Kontrabass, Roland Küng, Hackbrett.

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